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okay so im feeling like im crawling out of my skin.
i wanted to kick hit punch or even bite the toungs off of people today. so i opted not to join liz at her AA meeting. The first person who would assume i was an addict in denile would have become a victim to some horrors that would strike from beneath my skull.
did alot of running around today that i didnt need to. need sleep is what i need my bodys worn out but my mind just races like hot wheels around and around that damn electric track. i cant take it. im not unique there are over two million dxed and one million not just in this country with bi polar. the only diffrence is is that i can have skitzaphrinic mania and psycotic tendancys along with borderline personality disorder (Girl interrupted...(my ass !!)) i think im going to force a nap or start on art. ill leave all the family photogs here so that if i want to at four oclock in the morn i can come over here watch some tv and go through them if the net has nothing to offer. but right now i want to find that pattern to a corsest so hey you WhoreGia..if you see this or someone tells you about this i think you were the one with the addy to the page..can ya pass that my way...Thanks in advance....
today i just hate people. i cant stand them..they just irritate the hell out of me..just for breathing. they didnt do anything but i found a reason.
i keep watching this Crossing Over show about a psycic who comunicate with the dead. His name is John Edward..what is funny is thats my dads first and middle name. I miss my daddy terriably..and hes forgotten to mail my damn shit again. if i get ahold of him (wait up wait violence this is your dad..)i guess ill just have to email a decapitating gold fish crackers at the moment. damn comercial told me reception sucks out in the country you got the choice of expensive satilight dish or a one time fee of no more than 12 bucks for bunny ears. guess which i have....
all that metal gets in teh way.. but i think im gonna set it up and fill in the middle air with streched out alumunim foil and turn it in to a mini satilight.
and now i feel like im comming in between the people i live with but she says its not my fault hes irritable. so i just hide so i reap nothing of his not here to break up a couple. im here to have a place to live, and a friend to hang with (her) and to help her with everything that needs to be signing up for college and hudd and foodstamps / medicade all on monday.
i need some booty. and a joint or bong hit. along with some beer. some beer bong and booty would make the night. but alas none of them at all. in order not to screw up and get kicked out i have to stay sober on the premisis and not bring any one home to share relations with. time for sleep...or at least the good ol' college try at it.
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